1. Why do I need to check my pH? 

Your body requires a certain pH just to survive and prefers an alkaline pH for optimal health. In fact, the pH of the blood MUST be maintained at 7.35-7.45. Any sustained blood pH lower than 7.25 is not compatible with life (death). pHAlo™ is designed to aid the body systems in protecting the blood. Checking the pH of the urine or saliva simply gives you an idea of how your body is handling the constant threat of too much acid in your body.

2. I am a vegan and chose not to ingest anything made from an animal by-product like gelatin capsules. Are your capsules vegetarian? I notice you list them as Hypromellose now instead of vegetable capsules.

Hypromellose is a plant-based dietary fibre. HPMC is a plant based product, a purified form of cellulose, obtained from wood pulp. The FDA changed the labeling regulations to require the veggie caps to be listed as: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or Hypromellose.

3. Why are the capsules so big?

Each capsule is packed full of ingredients that are designed to alkalize the body, and yes, we could have put them in smaller capsules and increase the number of capsules per day, but many people have trouble remembering to take even 4 capsules. 

4.  Can I check my saliva versus urine? Which one is better?

The pH of both saliva and urine can be influenced by eating or drinking at and around the time the pH is checked. Urine can be influenced by foods or liquids that were consumed many hours before. For this reason, it is the opinion of the developer of pHAlo™ an unstimulated saliva is the better indicator of the two methods. If you choose to check your body pH via urine analysis then the first morning urine is best to use. 

5. Can pregnant women take it?

pHAlo™ is typically safe for all adults. Pregnant women can take pHALo™, but should consult with their physician. For pregnant women who struggle with acid indigestion and do not want to take medication, pHALo™ is an excellent natural alternative.

6. Some people take more than 4 capsules per day. Can I take more than 4 capsules per day and why?

Taking 4 capsules of pHALo™ a day is the recommended dosage for someone wanting to maintain a proper pH of 7.0 or above. Some people will find it necessary to take more due to an abundance of acid in their diet or the body's inability to get rid of the excess. Taking more is fine to maintain a pH between 7.0-7.5. Suggested use: 2 capsules 2-3 times daily. Find out what works for you by testing your pH frequently with the free testing strips that are included.

7. Why are sodas so bad for me? Do I have to change my diet?

Drinking a soda is introducing a flood of harmful acid into the body. In fact, some sodas have a pH of 1.8, which is very, very acidic. Eliminating soda from the diet is recommended for anyone wanting to maintain an alkaline pH. For the sake of reason, if your current diet is making you acidic, it is a good idea to make some changes. If you are resistant to changing your diet, taking more than the recommended dose of pHALo may be necessary to maintain a pH greater than 7.0.

8. My pH is not changing quickly. Why?

If you are having trouble seeing your pH become alkaline, see question 5 & 6. You may need to identify what food or lifestyle choices that you need to modify to obtain a healthy pH. Many people are overly stressed and stress will drive your pH down into the acidic range.

9. Does it really work?

The pH test strips are included in every purchase of pHALo  so that you can see for yourself that pHALo™ works to raise the pH of the body. Some people may need to take more than the recommended dose to see a great change. However, one must bear in mind that a change of even 0.5 is very significant since pH is measured on a logarithmic scale ( 10x change ).

10. Is it FDA approved?

pHALo™ is a food based supplement and does not fall under the category of a drug. The FDA does not evaluate food based supplements

11. Does it interact with other medication? Can I take it with my Doctor prescribed medication?

Raising your pH may interact with some medications. Many diabetics find that less insulin is required to lower blood sugar while taking pHALo™ . It is always a good idea to monitor the effectiveness of your medications when raising your pH. Check with your Physician if you are on any prescribed medications. Suggested use: Take 1 hour before or 1 hour after taking prescribed medication. Do not take at the same time as prescribed medication. May be taken along with other supplements. 

12. Are there any side effects?

pHALo™ is a natural product and not a medication. There are no known side effects currently associated with this product.

13. How long does it take to see results?

While everyone is different, most people see results within the first week while some may not see results for up to a month.