Bicarb vs. Joint Pain

Bicarb vs. Joint Pain

One (1) out of four (4) adults over the age of 50 have low serum bicarbonate levels.

According to a study by D. Travis Thomas (Division of Clinical Nutrition, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA), the "western" diet is thought to contribute to mild metabolic acidosis via the supply of acid precursors from foods. This is important to note because aged adults are less able to excrete H+ ions and are more prone to develop mild, but slowly increasing metabolic acidosis with negative functional outcomes including reduced torque and lower gait speed.

Lower serum bicarbonate levels are associated with slower gait speed and reduced quadriceps strength in older adults. According to a study in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (2011 July:58(1):29-38) 2,675 adults 50 years and older were studied and it was revealed that (1) Older age is associated with low serum pH and bicarbonate levels; (2) Alkali supplementation in older persons has demonstrated beneficial effects on nitrogen balance and skeletal metabolism; (3) low levels of serum bicarbonate leads to metabolic acidosis and associated with reduced muscle strength and gait speed in the general population.

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