Bicarb vs. Performance

Bicarb vs. Performance

Too much acid in the body has been associated with increased insulin resistance and hypertension and is associated with lower cardiorespiratory fitness in young adults. The study also found that those who are acidic have less muscle mass than those who are not acidic. Kidney International (2012 May:81(10);1033-1042)

Another study found that sodium bicarbonate improves high-intensity intermittent exercise performance by 14% in trained young men. The bicarbonate decreases the amount of acid in the body and improves the body's response to the build up of lactic acid. pHAlo™ contains the same type of bicarbonate used in the study that improved exercise performance. Improve your workouts by taking pHAlo™ 15 minutes before exercise. (J Int Sports Nutr. 2015;12:25)

pHAlo™ is intended for everyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

You can read these facts and more at the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

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